Vintage Idea for your Prom Night

Vintage Idea for your Prom Night | Vintage Idea for your Prom Night

Vintage style never gets old, it even gives you the look of beauty for your prom night. To give you a perfect vintage look, you need to think about the color, the design and the material of your dress.

Short vintage ideas

You have beautiful legs? Choose a short dress for your prom. For the touch of vintage, you can choose white short dress with some black lace on it. Take for example this strapless knee-length with black lace on the bottom of the skirt; or this scoop sleeve mini dress in crème color with a black ribbon around your stomach Short dress will give a cute look, it would be good if you want to look younger and fun.

Vintage colored prom dress

Wearing vintage style to come to prom night does not mean that you need to wear black, white, or crème dress. Colored vintage dress would be a great idea.  You can choose an a-line green vintage dress like this If you want to look royal and vintage at the same time, blue can be a great choice. An a-line strapped blue dress like thi would make you a queen.

Vintage dress, modern accessories

Why not? A short vintage dress would be really nice to be matched with a black stiletto. If you need to bring a purse, it also does not need to be really vintage. The tips for combining vintage prom dress with modern accessories is that you have to match the color. Match the color to your dress or match the color of your purse and your shoes. Take for example you wear a black a-line dress, you can put a pair of gold shoes and bring a gold purse.

Pictures of the Vintage Idea for your Prom Night


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