Cabinet Re-Facing

Cabinet Re-Facing | Cabinet Re-Facing

Quick Kitchen Facelift

kitchens have a major effect on our life experience. Most families in Sacramento spend much time in the kitchen – cooking, eating, cleaning, out. Many families Sacramento also spend a significant amount of their renovation budget of the house in the kitchen. While the kitchen renovation can be one of the most expensive home improvements, there are smaller updates that you can complete with a conservative budget. One of the most spectacular ways to give your Sacramento Kitchen a new look is to change your cabinets . The most expensive option would be to replace cabinets entirely. But if your cabinets are well made and in good condition, a more cost effective way is cabinet re-face.

consider the scope of work whether you tackle the project yourself or hire a professional Sacramento. The project will remove all existing parts, surface preparation, staining or painting, hanging doors and drawer fronts, and the installation of new hardware. The work will be more intensive to finish your current doors and drawer fronts, but this option can also be cheaper. The fastest option is more expensive to replace them with new models. There are a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, including solid wood, laminates and veneers.

Before reface your cabinets , you will need to clean the doors and facades drawer (if you use them) and bottom bases to remove dirt, grease and food residue. Strip wood surfaces that have been stained or painted. Formica and vinyl generally can not be unclothed, but may be prepared to finish by sanding the surface to rough up slightly. (If Formica or vinyl were covered with latex paint you can gently scrape the paint with a butter knife wrapped in a thin cloth.) Once you’ve exposed the raw material, via holes, seal cracks, and sand to smooth all areas. Apply a primer or sealer before putting it on the finish or paint.

When you start with a decent wooden base you can keep this look by coloring of cabinets in a wood grain. Paint can lend traditional or more modern look based on your use of color. One advantage of using paint is that you can easily touch up nicks or worn areas over time. Whatever the finishing option you choose for your Sacramento Kitchen cabinet renovation, use your imagination and think about what you enjoy looking at every day. Add the finishing touch with matching equipment to give the room a whole new look.

Even if you plan a larger renovation of the kitchen Sacramento, new coating can be a good idea. The new devices, appliances, countertops and floors can add up to a hefty bill. A well-made re-facing work can improve cabinet durability as well as give new life the room for only a fraction of the cost of a complete cabinet overhaul.

Pictures of the Cabinet Re-Facing

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